Outstanding Teachers

Our professional staff are dedicated and caring.


Safe Environment

Your child will thrive at Emmanuel.


Lifelong Friendships

Students support and encourage one another.


Interactive Learning

Get the most with hands-on learning and field trips.


Small Classrooms

Get the individualized attention your child deserves.



Give your child a strong foundation for the future.

Classes Overview


Regulations and accreditation require our staff to have the 45 hour Entry Level Course or an equivalent college course in Early Childhood within the first six months of employment, and take 24 hours of continuing education in Early Childhood each year. The educational background of our staff ranges form Masters Degree, some college hours, to those with a High School Diploma. We give a bonus to staff for every 10 hours of continuing education above their 24 on their hire anniversary.

  Our program is designed to provide for the child's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development in a setting of Christian love and care.
  Each day is structured to provide time for group activities and individual choices, energetic movement, music and reflection, teacher-led and child-directed activities.
  Teachers follow weekly lesson plans, making materials available at several centers of interest: home, living, art, science, blocks, puzzles, and manipulatives.