Outstanding Teachers

Our professional staff are dedicated and caring.


Safe Environment

Your child will thrive at Emmanuel.


Lifelong Friendships

Students support and encourage one another.


Interactive Learning

Get the most with hands-on learning and field trips.


Small Classrooms

Get the individualized attention your child deserves.



Give your child a strong foundation for the future.

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Grades 6 - 8  

Good Beginnings Last Forever

In the same way that a master builder lays a solid foundation for a home,
our academy classes (K-8) build a strong base for life-long learning.

The A Beka Curriculum, used in every room, has a sound phonics-based reading program for reading instruction. The math curriculum leads many of our students to be able to take Algebra in 8th grade.

We offer a computer lab for our students' use, and every student participates in PE and music classes twice each week, Chapel is done by the students each Wednesday.