Outstanding Teachers

Our professional staff are dedicated and caring.


Safe Environment

Your child will thrive at Emmanuel.


Lifelong Friendships

Students support and encourage one another.


Interactive Learning

Get the most with hands-on learning and field trips.


Small Classrooms

Get the individualized attention your child deserves.



Give your child a strong foundation for the future.

  Payment Policy  
  Academy tuition is figured for one hundred (180) school days and divided into ten equal payments, August - May. Startup costs, enrollment fee, book fee, and testing fee must be paid by the time school starts. Monthly tuition is due on the first day of the month. This includes the tuition for August as we need to pay our staff. Tuition will be considered late, if not paid by the 10th of the month. A late fee of one percent on the unpaid balance will be charged each week until paid. Contact school officials for information regarding fees.  
EBA Fee Schedule

  Registration fee (all students) $100
  Testing fee (all students) $30
  Books for Kindergarten $190
  Books for Grades 1-8 $220
  Tuition per month for Kindergarten $365
  Tuition per month for Grades 1-5 $335
  Tuition per month for Grades 6-8 $340
  After School Care per day $10
  After School Late Fee per minute after 6 pm $1
Returned Checks & Pricing Disclaimer

All checks should be made payable to Emmanuel Baptist Child Development Center and Academy
or EBCDC and Academy.
All returned checks will be assessed a $30 service charge.
Pricing may change from semester to semester and those changes may not be refelected on what is seen on our website. Please call the office for the latest and most accurate pricing.