Outstanding Teachers

Our professional staff are dedicated and caring.


Safe Environment

Your child will thrive at Emmanuel.


Lifelong Friendships

Students support and encourage one another.


Interactive Learning

Get the most with hands-on learning and field trips.


Small Classrooms

Get the individualized attention your child deserves.



Give your child a strong foundation for the future.

  Additional Information  
  Make Up Work
Encourage your child to make up their work promptly, so they will not fall behind. See make up policy for absences.
Home study is important and has a real purpose in fostering self - discipline, individual responsibility and self - direction. Encourage your child to do homework promptly, so he/she can be in bed early enough to be rested for school.
  Religous Instruction
Our curriculum is integrated with the Bible in all subjects and a grade will be given in Bible. Chapel is required once a week. Some scripture memory is required. Parents are encouraged to attend chapel.
Students will receive report cards at the end of each six weeks grading period. These reports will keep parents informed of student progress, as will the results of any standardized tests administered throughout the year.

Grading Scale for
Kindergarten - Grade 2
  E+ 100-97
  E 96-94
  E- 93-90
  S+ 89-87
  S 86-84
  S- 83-80
  N+ 79-77
  N 76-74
  N- 73-70
  U 69-0
Grading Scale for
Grades 3 - 8
A+ 100-98 C+ 79-78
A 97-93 C 77-73
A- 92-90 C- 72-70
B+ 89-88 D+ 69-68
B 87-83 D 67-63
B- 82-80 D- 62-60
    F 59-0
Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled in the fall and spring of each year. Parents are welcome throughout the year, as long as conferences don't interfere with instructional time.

Assignments and Projects
At Emmanuel Baptist Academy, it is our goal to facilitate academic and social/emotional growth of students as we assist them in being responsible classroom students, independent learners, and ultimately responsible adults. In order to accomplish these goals, it is essential that students develop and implement age appropriate, independent skills. In the classroom, this can be encouraged through the children's participation in planned follow-up activities such as homework and reports at school and at home, so it is necessary that students realize the importance of handing in assignment projects on time. Assignments are to be completed and turned in on or before the assigned due date.