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Grading Scale  
E = excellent.
The student has done their personal best.
S = satisfactory.
The student has done well, but the teacher knows they have more they could have given.
N = needs improvement.
This grade is usually given because of exhibiting continuing problems in more than one of the areas above.
U = unsatisfactory.
This grade is given because of exhibiting continuing problems in the areas above.
Criteria for Assessing Grades in Music and Physical Education

The teachers employ five different criteria when assessing grades for Music and Physical Education in grades K-8: Attitude, Participation, Homework, Material Learned, and Performance. These are not
letter grades but E, S, N and U. The grading scale is explained to the left.

Attitude - When the student is in class, we expectthem to exhibit an attitude of cheerfulness, respect, cooperation, and willingness to learn.
Participation - Because it is a class centered on a group activity, if each student is not doing their best to participate it takes away from the whole class. It is much like a team sport where each must hold up the others. We need everyone to be their best for the group to be its best.
Homework - It may seem strange for a music or physical education class to talk about homework. But, periodically the teacher will give the students a task which needs to be accomplished by a specific time and will, therefore, require time spent out of the classroom to complete. This comes most often in the form of, "Learn verse 2 by next Tuesday" or "Practice on a specific skill by the next class period".
Material Learned - Each day in class we sing specific songs or go over specific physical skills and it becomes apparent as the weeks go by who is having difficulty. Basically, if they have been paying attention and trying their best, the teacher is pleased. However, if they are not learning the material because they are being disruptive in class or not paying attention they will, of course, not earn the same grade as the student who is participating and learning the material.
Performance - A Math or History class has a final test at the end of a semester or unit of study. Our "final test" in Music is our Christmas Program and our Spring Program. Therefore, it is important for the student to participate in the programs. Also, as we have mentioned, music is very much a group activity and when there are students absent from the performance or activity, it affects all of the students much like a sports team or other team activity.