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  Student Dress  
  Emmanuel Baptist Academy requires students to dress appropriately for school. Clothing should be appropriate for seasonal weather, as students are expected to play outdoors, except in cases of inclement weather. Two members of the staff and the Principal will make a decision on any dress situation that is in question. All coats, gloves and any personal possessions need to be labeled with the child's name. A change of clothes is to be kept at school (appropriate for the season), in case of accidents for kindergarten and first grade students.  
Appropriate Dress (Violation of dress code will result in a parent bringing appropriate clothes)
Download the 2014 Dress Code in PDF format here.

  COLORS (Both boys and girls)
  Tops   Bottoms Shirts must be tucked in
Navy Blue. Navy Blue No oversized shirts or bottoms, clothing
White Khaki may be up to 1 size larger than true size
Black Tennis shoes or sneakers for P.E.
Light Blue
Jeans (Plain - Dark blue) No Flip-Flops
EBA Shirts **  waist type - no low riders Sandals w/ back strap may be worn
  Girls   Boys
Jumper (to the knee) Follow the color guidelines
White blouse or coordinated color with jumper
Skirt (to the knee) Polo Shirt
Skort (to the knee) Dress Shirt
Walking shorts Walking Shorts
Slacks Turtleneck
Dress blouse Sweater - Plain
Polo Shirt (With Collar) SOLID COLOR   (School colors with collared shirt under)
  No piping or decorations (Scool colors) Sweatshirt - Plain
Turtleneck   (School colors with collared shirt under)
Mock Turtleneck Socks (Plain - School colors)
Sweater - Plain (School colors w/ collared shirt under) Belt (If you choose to wear a belt it must
Sweatshirt - Plain (School colors w/ collared shirt under)   be plain and be black, brown or navy)
Socks or tights (Plain - School colors)